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We Are A Certified Thermal Imaging Company

Thermal Imaging Perth’s focus is the thermal imaging in Perth of electrical switchgear. We also routinely scan bearings, gearboxes, transformers, motors, plant and production equipment.

Our client base across Australia include hospitals, RSL clubs, hotels, large and small corporations, factories, property managing agents, shopping centres, government builds and other infrastructure.

We use a state of the art FLIR E85 camera to guarantee quality results.

Quality Assurance

All scanning is double checked for interpretation and accuracy.

  • On site – by our qualified, trained electrician who has a Level 1 in Thermal Imaging Competency. We immediately inform our clientele if a serious fault exists.
  • At Head Office – by a diploma graduated engineer (N HDip. Eng – Elect). Each report is prepared and signed off by a Level 1 and Level 2 thermal imaging course graduate

We keep a database of all scans and on an annual basis we contact our clientèle to remind them that a scan is due.

We have a 23 year trading history.

Dedicated Team

Best Engineers

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Lower possible down time risk. Manage maintenance timetables.

We provide reports and suggest time frames for repair.

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