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    We have decades of experience and provide industry leading reports. We perform all types of electrical thermal imaging.


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    All scanning is double checked for interpretation and accuracy.

    • On site – by our qualified, trained electrician who has a Level 1 in Thermal Imaging Competency.  We immediately inform our clientèle if a serious fault exists.

    • At Head Office – by a diploma graduated engineer (N HDip. Eng – Elect). Each report is prepared and signed off by a Level 1 and Level 2 thermal imaging course graduate.
    We keep a database of all scans and on an annual basis we contact our clientèle to remind them that a scan is due.

    Our reports have a Traffic Light System making intepretation SO easy.

    Annotated pictures:

    1. So EASY to understand.
    2. Makes accurate repairs a certainty.
    3. Ensures your assets are safe and sound.
    4. Easy for trained Electricians AND management fo FULLY understand fault remediation.

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